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PDO Neck Lifts – Understanding the popularity behind the practice

When it comes to cosmetic treatments and surgeries, neck lifts have always been a popular option. It’s easy to understand. While some people are blessed with a ‘baby face’, almost everyone’s neck is still quite vulnerable to showing signs of loosening skin and sagging over time.

Thankfully, we live in a modern age, and with a PDO neck lift you can still get the powerful results that you are looking for without having to go ‘under the knife’ to get them.

Today we’ll compare the surgical and non-surgical options and go in the PDO neck lift procedure so that you’ll have all the facts that you need to see why PDO neck lifts are so popular worldwide.

We’ll even include some specialized information for clinics, so if you are looking to get the most  comprehensive peek at neck lifts and the PDO threads behind them, then let’s get started!

What is a neck lift, specifically?

Also known as ‘Platysmaplasty’ or a ‘lower thydictomy, a neck lift is a simply procedure that is designed to reduce signs of aging or simply to improve the overall aesthetics of the chin and neck. As the neck doesn’t always age the same for everyone, it’s a treatment that needs to be customized to each patient, but which typically involves tightening and sometimes removing some skin from the neck. 

A neck lift not only creates a slimmer, more youthful neck, but is also good for issues such as:

·        Muscle banding in the throat

·        Reducing or eliminating a double chin

·        Reduction of excess fat in the lower face

·        Reducing or eliminating the appearance of jowls

A comparison of the surgical neck lift and the PDO neck lift will provide the most concise answer to this question, so let’s compare procedures, recovery time, and the expected results of each. 

Understanding your options: Surgical vs. PDO neck lifts

With any cosmetic feature, but especially such intimate areas as the face or the neck, it pays to know what you are really getting into, so we’ve condensed together the facts to help put these procedures in contrast for proper evaluation.

Surgical Neck Lift

With a surgical neck lift, a surgeon is basically going lift up the muscles of the neck in order to clean out excess fat and to trim the skin as-needed. Once this is completed, the surgeon applies sutures, and a chin strap or a pressure dressing is put into place to aid in healing.

The surgery itself takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours and most patients will need to wear the neck brace for the first two weeks of the 4 to 6 week recovery time. Bruising from the procedure should be gone within a period of 2 weeks and minor scarring from the procedure will typically fade within a period of 6 months up to one year. Some swelling may be visible for up to 3 months and the results from this procedure will typically last anywhere between 10 and 15 years.

PDO Neck Lift

With a PDO neck lift, no removal or cutting of the skin is going to be required. The treatment is performed by using dissolvable sutures called PDO threads which are inserted to form a mesh or to simply lift the skin, smoothing it out. The procedure itself is actually quite brief, typically taking about 30 minutes to perform – less than the space of the average lunch break.

Recovery from a PDO neck lift treatment usually consists of 24 hours of rest and you will usually be recommended to stick to light lifting only for a period of at least 2 weeks. Tenderness, mild swelling, or light bruising may be present following the procedure which typically resolve within 3 to 5 days.

Results from the PDO neck lift will typically last 12 – 18 months, with results tending to last the longest on patients over 40, and the process may be repeated again as-needed at the discretion of your medical professional. The duration of these results will also be affected by the type of PDO threads which are used, with higher-quality threads such as VSoft lift being an excellent example (more on this, shortly!).

Are there additional perks to a PDO neck lift?

Aside from the swift recovery time and long-lasting results, there are definitely additional perks that have driven the worldwide popularity of the PDO neck lift. Let’s take a look a few of these and you can see what we mean!

It is an excellent option for patients with anxiety around medical treatments

Let’s face it – few of use relish a trip to see the doctor. For some of use, it can even cause anxiety, and this makes surgical options inaccessible. With a PDO Thread treatment, however, it’s typically a matter of a mild, topical anesthetic and some practitioners will even offer additional options for patients with anxiety, such as nitrous oxide to help take the fear out of this 30 minute procedure. 

It can treat a lot of cosmetic issues

A PDO neck lift can help with many different cosmetic issues. Here are just a few examples to give you a better idea:

·        Dealing with excessive weight loss

·        Helping with excess fat underneath the jaw

·        Improving the appearance of sun damage on the skin

It is also compatible with other procedures

As a non-invasive treatment, a PDO neck lift may be performed in conjunction with a number of other procedures. For instance, it might be combined with a PDO Face lift, fillers treatments, or botox – allowing your medical professional to truly customize your cosmetic treatment to your exacting requirements!

It’s a cost-effective treatment that delivers

On-average, a PDO neck lift is going to be around 80% less expensive than a more invasive surgical procedure. Simply put, you can get the results you want and you won’t have to break the bank.   

No cuts means no scarring

With a PDO neck lift, there is not going to be any cutting involved, and PDO threads like VSoft lift threads actually stimulate neocollagenesis in the skin. This improved the firmness and skin texture for the duration of your long-lasting results.

Let’s look a little closer at VSoft threads so that you can see why they are the preferred threads worldwide for these procedures!

V Soft PDO Threads  – The right threads make an enormous difference

For neck lifts, VSoft Lift 19G x 100mm Lifting Molded ARTE PDO Threads are the ideal choice for increasing the longevity of your results while also improving the smoothness and overall health of your skin. All Vsoft threads, however, have set the bar for high-quality industry standards for a number of reasons. Let’s take at why so many clinics worldwide insist on using only VSoft for their PDO thread procedures. VSoft PDO threads come with benefits such as:

·        Increased collagen biostimulation – VSoft PDO threads provide excellent collagen biostimulation, enough so that less threads may be used for a procedure to achieve the same level of neocollagenesis, while also reducing recovery time and increasing comfort levels of patients.

·        Enhanced tensile strength – VSoft Lift threads have a 10% — 20% higher tensile strength in comparison to comparable threads on the market

·        Slower absorption for longer-lasting results – Vsoft PDO threads are coated with a polymer that allows for slower absorption, so that elastin and collagen biostimulation benefits and lift results are longer-lasting.

·        Superior fixation – Vsoft’s molding and lifting threads are designed with superior lifting and fixation in mind, resulting in less threads being required for lifting procedures.

·        High-quality stainless steel cannula delivery system – Each VSoft PDO lifting thread is pre-loaded into a diamond-cut, high-quality stainless-steel cannula for precision delivery.

How can I learn more about the PDO neck lift procedure and VSoft PDO threads?

You can actually see a video of a non-surgical PDO neck lift procedure on this page for VSoft PDO neck lift threads. This will allow you to see the ultimate reason why this procedure is the more popular choice compared to the 3-hour, 4-6 week recovery time that comes with the surgical alternative. 

For physicians or patients who wish to fully research VSoft Lift’s quality PDO threads, VSoft provides an informative PDF that you give you a comprehensive look at the full specifications and applications that come with these enterprise-grade quality PDO threads.

It’s a recommended read – with the enhanced benefits of this product, it ultimately boils down to this: These high-quality threads mean that less are required to obtain superior fixation, longer lasting results, and above all – faster recovery time for patients due to the highest standard of efficiency.

After all, these FDA-approved threads are produced by the largest PDO thread manufacturer in the world!

Some final words on neck lifts and VSoft PDO threads

Today we’ve taken a closer look in neck lifts, both from a surgical and PDO neck lift perspective, and it’s easy to see why a PDO neck lift is the preferred option worldwide. Rather than the anxiety and prolonged recovery time that comes with a surgical option, a PDO neck lift may be done in the space of a lunch break and you can still enjoy the results.

Furthermore, with quality VSoft neck lift PDO threads, you get enhanced recovery, longer-lasting results, and less threads are required for the treatment – making recovery time that much more comfortable for the patients.

To learn more about all of the quality PDO threads that VSoft lift has to offer, be sure to visit the VSoft website and while you are there you can select the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics section hosted there entitled “Everything about PDO threads’. Not only can you learn more, but there are even training options for medical professions available that include VIP options such as in-office training.

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