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V Soft Lift’s Lifting PDO Threads for nose treatments are the perfect tool for a nose lift

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    Nose Thread Lifts: Get the Nose You Want … Without Surgery

    Do you want to improve the look of your nose but don’t want to have to go “under the knife” to get it done? Then, look no further … a PDO Nose Thread Lift might be right for you.

    While the procedure has been around for a while now, it’s truly taken the world by storm in recent years … and for good reason. Using modern technology, PDO Nose Thread Lifts can give you the look you want in a non-invasive, non-surgical way.

    If surgery itself — and the associated recovery period — has shied you away from doing something about the look of your nose in the past, you’re in luck.

    Through the magic of PDO Nose Thread Lifts provided by V Soft Lift, you can undergo a life-changing procedure that you can do during your lunch break.

    See for yourself the amazing things the procedure can do in this Nose Thread Lift before and after.

    What is a PDO Nose Thread Lift?

    A PDO Nose Thread Lift, sometimes referred to as a “Hiko Nose Thread Lift,” is a different way to approach nose the look of your nose without relying on surgery.

    It’s a viable alternative to Rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure, that allows you to improve the overall shape and look of your nose. It can also help you correct any specific issues that you might have with your nose’s appearance.

    One of the best parts about the procedure is that it’s fast, taking only about 15 to 45 minutes to perform. Yet, despite this, the results are typically very effective!

    It’s natural that you might question what results can be accomplished in such a short amount of time. The answer, actually, is quite a lot.

    A PDO Nose Thread Lift can help to:

    • Lift the tip of your nose
    • Fill depressions in the nasal walls
    • Ameliorate a flat nasal bridge
    • Lift the bridge to provide the appearance of slimmer nostrils
    • Minimize a “crooked” appearance
    • Add projected definition to the nasal tip
    • Lessen or eliminate a nasal hump

    How Does a PDO Nose Thread Lift Work?

    A PDO Nose Thread Lift is preferred by many people who want to change the appearance of their nose for many reasons. But, perhaps one of the leading factors is the non-invasive nature of the procedure itself.

    Once you and the doctor have discussed and finalized a design for your nose, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area. Once you’re comfortable and ready for the procedure, the PDO Nose Threads will be inserted.

    These are specialized surgical sutures that are placed into your nose in different ways to achieve different results. There are two main purposes that the PDO threads themselves serve.

    First, they provide “scaffolding” support that helps to contour and shape your nose in the way that you want to see it. Second, they help to stimulate the production of collagen, which helps to make the procedure more sustainable and longer lasting.

    How many PDO Nose Threads are needed will differ from one procedure to the next, and from one person to the next. Typically speaking, though, only about six to 12 are needed in total.

    PDO Nose Thread Lifts are considered pain-free, except for some soreness you might experience in the two days or so following the procedure. This is significantly less recovery time than a rhinoplasty, which could last several months.

    The results from your PDO Nose Thread Lift can last as many as one to two years after the procedure.

    Do I Have to Repeat PDO Nose Thread Lifts?

    Just like traditional fillers, PDO Nose Thread Lifts are temporary procedures and not permanent. However, unlike traditional fillers, PDO Nose Thread Lifts last much longer.

    Typically speaking, patients repeat this procedure every one to two years on an as-needed basis. There are a number of factors that go into how frequent a procedure may need to be repeated, as every case is unique in its own way.

    The Advantages of a PDO Nose Thread Lift

    While the results aren’t permanent, there are many advantages that a PDO Nose Thread Lift provides over a traditional rhinoplasty, including …

    • Time: It’s completed in less than an hour
    • Recovery: You may feel sore for only a day or two, versus a full-blown surgical recovery of a few months.
    • Results: The results are undeniable and can be seen not long after the procedure is completed.
    • Non-invasive: There’s no surgery involved and, as a result, no associated potential complications or concerns.

    Are PDO Nose Thread Lifts Just the Latest Fad?

    While you may be new to PDO Nose Thread Lifts, they have been around and in use for a while now. In fact, the actual special sutures that are used in the procedure — PDO Nose Lift Threads — were developed way back in 1982.

    They are composed of a synthetic material, and were the first fully-absorbable suture ever created. Doctors have used them for stitches, trauma, OB/GYN and cardiothoracic applications.

    But, it wasn’t until the last two decades that the connection was made between the sutures and cosmetic procedures.

    The Hiko Nose Thread Lift has been used by aestheticians for more than 15 years.

    It originated in Seoul, South Korea, from a simple yet clever idea — that placing absorbable PDO threads in certain parts of your nose can help to lift the nose, thereby improving its appearance.

    The name “Hiko” was chosen in a clever way as well, as it’s a combination of the Korean words for “high” and “nose.”

    The applications for PDO Thread Lifts are quite extensive today, being used not just as an alternative to surgery but also in conjunction with a surgical or implant-based approach.

    In addition to the nose, some commonly-used locations for the threads include …

    PDO thread technology is extremely practical and versatile at the same time, providing plenty of applications for lifts beside just PDO Nose Thread Lifts.

    For providers, V Soft Lift’s product line is quite extensive. Keep reading for some technical specifications of the products we offer.

    V Soft Lifts PDO Threads

    The market is becoming flooded with options as the popularity of PDO threads continues to rise. Despite this, V Soft Lift’s Lifting PDO threads have become the most popular PDO thread provider in the world!

    Not only are V Soft threads durable, but they have 10 to 20 times more tensile strength than comparable threads on the market. V Soft threads also help to stimulate necollagenesis in the skin, which ensures superior firmness and texture with a long-lasting hold.

    Providers love them because they come preloaded in surgical stainless steel cannulas with a diamond-cut tip to ensure laser precision in applications.

    Below are the specifications of the different V Soft BARB STAR Lifting PDO Threads …

    • 19g x 100mm: Applied via an FCN blunt cannula, these threads are optimized for vector lift, jawline and neck applications.
    • 21g x 90mm: Applied via an FF Sharp Tip or FCL Blunt Tip cannula, these threads are perfect for vector lift, jawline and neck, but they are optimized for patients who have thinner skin.
    • 21g x 60mm: Applied via an FF Sharp Tip or FCL Blunt Tip cannula, these threads are another option to be used for patients who have thin skin, and they’re excellent for eyebrow, jawline and neck lift procedures.
    • 23g x 60mm: Applied via an FC Blunt tip cannula, these threads are for patients who have thin skin, and are best fits for eyebrow, jawline and neck lift procedures.

    Learn More About V Soft PDO Threads

    It’s clear that V Soft is the best option for PDO Nose Thread Lifts and other treatments that use the technology. To learn more, visit the rest of our website.

    You can also download a Doctor’s Brochure in PDF format here. It includes detailed information on PDO Threads, including application for Smooth and Lifting threads, versatility, safety, FDA clearance and more!



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